The international car shipping experts at AbleCargo.Com understand the obstacles that can easily be avoided in order to have a smooth international car shipping process so we created this informative blog with tips to make your car shipping experience as smooth as possible.


It takes a little planning, preparation and of course paperwork. However, shipping a car to Australia should be and can be an easy process that is not stressful. Our goal is to make sure that your international car shipping experience will become a positive memory.


5 Critical Tips For Shipping A Car to Australia

Before Shipping A Car To Australia, Use Our Tips List As A Reference:

  1. Get Your Quote/Contract in Writing – Once you determine which company to use for shipping a car to Australia be sure to get your international car shipping quote and/or contract in writing. It should include the exact parameters of the shipping process along with:
    1) The services being provided
    2) All payment charges
    3) Departure location
    4) Arrival location
    5) Shipping insurance (marine)
    6) Customs clearance
    7) All required paperwork
    8) For Australian quarantine purposes its important that your car, boat or any vehicle is clean from leaves, any kind of debris or mud, we recommend a high pressure wash down prior to delivery
  2. The Customs Process – When determining which company to use when shipping a car to Australia it is important to obtain information regarding the customs process. Make sure you understand the process, who is involved, how much taxes/customs will cost and anything else that will make sure there are no surprises.
  3. Federally Licensed and Bonded – It is absolutely critical to make sure that the company you decide to ship your car with is bonded and licensed with the US Federal Maritime Commission for Ocean Freight Shipments, as an NVOCC with an OTI License AbleCargo.Com is licensed and bonded.
  4. Research – Always research the international car shipping company thoroughly to ensure they are a legitimate business with a quality reputation and are up to date with international shipping standards.
    How long have they been a successful international car shipping company? Do they have great reviews? When you call does someone answer the phone and provide relevant information?
    These are all questions you should answer during the research portion of the international car shipping process to ensure you are choosing the best and safest company to ship your car.
  5. Do you need a FREE INSTANT QUOTE.