Car Shipping to Australia

Ship a vehicle to Australia

Shipping to Australia

  • Shipping a car or motorcycle to Australia
  • Shipping goods to Australia
  • Shipping to Port Kembla – Sydney New South Wales
  • Shipping to Port Darwin – Northern Territory
  • Shipping to Brisbane – Queensland
  • Shipping to Melbourne – Victoria
  • Shipping to Fremantle – Western Australia
  • Shipping to Adelaide – South Australia


The main ports for international shipping to Australia by container or roro serviceare Port Kembla (roro port) Sydney, Port Darwin (roro port) Brisbane, Melbourne, Fremantle.

Our agent can arrange transport from these ports to your door subject to a quote and address verification

Vehicle Import Approval

To import vehicles to Australia, you must obtain an Import Approval, or VIA, prior to shipping your vehicle

Motor Vehicles Standard Act of 1989

All cars must meet all safety standards and emission levels required by Australia under its Motor Vehicles Standard Act of 1989. This act makes it an offence to import vehicles to the Australiaunless they comply to all of the Act standards. Classic cars are exempt from this rule meaning they don’t need to be modified

No Shipping Cars to Australia with Asbestos

On Dec 31 2003, Australia banned all forms of production and use of asbestos. This means that before you ship a vehicle to Australia you need to make sure all asbestos is removed. With this in mind we can arrange your asbestos examination and removal at one of our warehouses.

Attached is the PDF with all of the Asbestos Risks for Import Vehicles

Stink Bug Fumigation

Stink bug infestation season needs to be accounted for, we fumigate vehicles shippedfrom the USA to Australia and New Zealand. All containers and RORO cargo from Sept 1st 2019 through end of April 2020 have to be fumigated within 72 hours prior to loading on the vessel. Please contact your salesperson for more information.

Australia Fumigation Requirement

The Australian government recently announced that they are bringing back their fumigation requirements for containers and cargo coming into the country. The Australia fumigation requirement has been necessary every year from Sep-Apr. These requirements keep contaminants from abroad out of the country and affect all shipments in.

So what does this mean for companies and individuals either moving to Australia or shipping vehicles/cargo? To start, let us first look at what the Australian fumigation requirement entails. Then we’ll look at how this affects those trying to bring goods and cargo into the country.

What is Fumigation for Australia and New Zealand

To start fumigation is when chemicals are used to compound and eradicate any suspect insect or infestation within a container and its cargo. The process involves “tenting” a container and releasing these chemicals into the tent. This then effectively kills off any prohibited worries that were the subject of the fumigation in the first place.

Australia and New Zealand Fumigation Requirements 2019-2020

In Australia and New Zealand, the port authorities work very hard to prevent any foreign inbound insects/bugs/bacteria and living organism from entering while piggybacking on cars/boats/bikes and general cargo that is being shipped in via container or Roll on Roll off.

The “marmorated stink bug” is an organism that their governments fumigate for. This US bug does not live in Australia and New Zealand naturally. If the parasite passed through customs, it would affect the entire ecological balance in either country.
So to prevent this, all containers and RORO cargo from Sept 1st 2019 through end of April 2020 have to be fumigated within 72 hours prior to loading on the vessel.

Acquiring a Fumigation Certificate for Export

So what effect does this have on our operations in the US and how does it affect the individual?

Shipping companies and freight forwarders need tighter control on the pickup and return of containers from the terminals. There is only 5 free days with the container before it needs in-gating back to the terminal for loading on the next vessel.

We therefore need to coordinate the pickup, loading, then run the container to the fumigation yard for 24 hrs. Then we pick up again, to have the cargo back in time, along with the necessary fumigation certificate to accompany the shipping documents.

Once cleared, the fumigation certificate goes with all documents to the receiving agent in Australia or New Zealand. The certificate also goes by pest control certificate and confirms the shipments fumigation. Agents need these documents to prove to the quarantine officers that we followed all shipping procedures. As a result, we clear Oceania’s customs and the vehicle or goods are free to enter the country.

So essentially for the individual, the real difference comes in the cost and time frame. The fumigation process comes with additional costs and delays the shipment until approved.

Shipments to Australia and New Zealand are still very common and we complete this process with ease. Clients will just need to know about the fumigation when booking during this season for clearer communication.

Quarantine Clearance

Upon arrival of your vehicle, you will need quarantine clearance from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. For this step, one must have identification, proof of ownership, valid insurance, and compliance with safety standards proof.

Taxes and Duties information
Vehicles over 30 years old | Duty 0% | GST 10%|
New and used vehicles up to 30 years old | Duty 10% | GST 10% |
Four wheel drive off road or commercial vehicle | Duty 5% | GST 10% |
Vehicles valued over AUD$67,525 are subject to a Luxury Car Tax of 33%

Temporary Vehicle Imports in Australia

Those on a tourist or temporary resident visa can import a car for a period of up to 12 months without paying customs duty.

When temporarily shipping a car to Australia from the USA you may need a Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD). Another benefit of the CPD is you will not need the VIA for your vehicle. However if you ship a car to Australia this way, you must ship it back before the limit is up. To see if you need one for your temporary import, contact a carnet specialist and they will advise.

Shipping 20ft & 40ft containers with cars, motorcycles & house hold goods, general merchandise to these destinations.

RORO services are special designed ships to accommodate cars inside the vessel.

Other cities to ship to in Australia are possible though our AU agents., these destinations are normally services by our AU agents after customs clearance, services inland by truck or combination of rail and truck.

We ship containers to Australiafrom USA Ports…..

  • Seattle WA
  • Portland OR
  • Oakland, Los Angeles & Long Beach, San Diego CA
  • Houston & Galveston TX
  • New Orleans LA
  • Miami FL
  • Charleston SC
  • Brunswick GA
  • Kearny NJ
  • Baltimore MD

Ships from West coast to Australia are weekly sailings and some 35/45 days approximate transit time, Ships from East Coast to Australiaare weekly sailings take 45/60 days approximate

Our equipment by container is 20ft, 40ft and 45ft for loading combinations of cars, car parts and or house hold goods or general merchandise

For example combinations of packing cars into a container . . . . .

20ft contr 1 car
40ft contr 2 mini vans
40ft contr 3 small cars floor loaded
40ft contr 4 medium cars 2 on floor 2 on ramps


RORO Vessel are specific designed vessels for shipping cars, motorhomes, and heavy equipment which do not fit into a container, cars must be in running condition for roro service (no none runners)
Shipping RORO from ……

  • Tacoma WA,
  • Long Beach & Port Hueneme CA
  • Galveston TX
  • Newark NJ
  • Savannah & Charleston SC
  • Brunswick GA

Sailings are weekly, average transit time West Coast 45 days and East Coast 55 days
For shipping a car the requirements are …..
Low fuel 1 to 2 gallons
Original Title (For US Customs purposes)
Bill of Sale

For RORO shipments no goods inside the car

Copy of passport
Power of Attorney & Shippers Letter of Instruction form, sent to you via email
Enquires & pricing please send an email to or fill in our quote form below

Arrival of your car toAustralia

Your car is subject to Australian destinations fee’s payable in AU$, at applicable rates you may be subject to VAT, Import duty, Australian Customs clearance fee, unpacking & terminal handling fee’s – These fees are not included in the ocean freight quote that you pay in USD. These fees can be confirmed in advance of shipping if required
Terms & Conditions

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