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Shipping Household Items to Europe

Moving to Europe is more difficult and complicated
than simply moving across the country.

There are numerous things that must be researched and considered very carefully in preparation for such a big move. One of the most critical decisions you will make in this process is who will ship your household items safely while making moving to Europe seem easy.

3d global cargo transport concept

When it comes to shipping household items to Europe, everything that you need or use should be shipped. AbleCargo offers two ways of shipping household items internationally.

The first method LCL (less than container load) allows you to share a shipping container if you do not have the amount needed to fill a full one.

Method number two FCL (full container load) is for someone who has a lot of items and will need an entire shipping container to move everything.

AbleCargo specializes in international shipping not only offering quality care and marine insurance to make you feel comfortable, but advice to make your move easier. We may not be able to answer every question you have regarding your international move. However, below are a few things to keep in mind when moving household items internationally.

Electronics and Motorized Appliances

If you are moving to Europe, then it is crucial that you consider the different voltage in Europe for electronic or motorized appliances. The voltage in Europe is higher at 220 than the United States voltage which is at 110, but the electric frequency is less at 50hz compared to American 60hz. This means that any items you bring that use a motor like a stereo or clock will run slower.

There are converters and transformers that can make American items work in Europe, but might not be ideal if you plan on staying there long term. Refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers and washing machines use a large amount of power and will require a transformer powerful enough to keep them running. If you decide to bring these items, we recommend a 220 to 110 step down transformer that has two times the appliances voltage.

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How to Ship A Boat Overseas

When it comes to shipping boats internationally the procedures taken can be tricky, and very difficult at times. With boats having different styles and designs one must make sure to handle each boat according to its weight and size.

Since shipping a boat by “container” is one of the most cost effective and highly requested methods our team at AbleCargo.Com have decided to create a video demonstrating the procedures taken to accomplish this task.


In this demonstration we side load a couple of “Pontoon Cruise” boats into a 40ft container. As you can see once tilted we make sure to keep enough space and padding around each boat, and also secure any loose areas which can swing open, or get damaged while being shipped. Doing this is a difficult and specialized procedure which our staff at AbleCargo.Com have been trained and qualified to do.

If you’re in need of shipping a boat overseas allow our professional trained staff at AbleCargo.Com to assist you. With over 35 years of experience we understand what it take to make your shipping experience pleasant and safe.


For more information on
Shipping a boat overseas click here.

We ship by both RoRo & Container Vessel.

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RetroMobile Paris Classic Car Show Booth #D093

This years RetroMobile Event was simply AMAZING

We met hundreds of interesting people and made tons of new friends. We’ve also been invited to next years event and we’re definitely looking forward to it.


We would like to welcome all of the 2015 participents to connect with us.

We were located in Booth #D093 and were accompanied by
Doug White from AbleCargo.Com
Chris Hoche From T.S.I Corp
Carol Mey from Montelimar


We look forward to creating new PARTNERSHIPS and enjoying many more years of SUCCESS!
Thank you for being a part of it!!!

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