This particular Jaguar E-Type had, until very recently, been stored for 40 years.

Sounds familiar? When it was found in a garage in southeast England, it hadn’t moved since 1979, so this news is good news.

The E-Type restorer, and has spent some amount of time and effort bringing this delectable 1964 Series 1 Jag back to life. And it is entirely delectable: a 3.8-litre slice of the 1960s.

First came the small matter of stripping the entire thing to its bones over three days and giving it a good sandblast. Rather than confirm the team’s suspicions that the E-Type looked in relatively decent nick, it actually showed what 40 years of “neglect, cheap repairs and British dampness” had achieved. That latter is a reference to the weather.

They chopped out rotted bits of the floor and replaced them, ditto some of the inner and outer sills. They also strengthened the body elsewhere and the team reckon this E-Type is stiffer than when it left the factory. It was then skimmed, block sanded and honed to sort all the gaps and apertures, painted in the rather fetching silver/blue you see here.

After reassembling the suspension, better calipers and brake pads were fitted, and the 3.8-litre straight-six was treated to high-lift cams, a balanced/lighter crank, new seals, a stainless-steel sports exhaust, aluminium rad and header tank, and a new five-speed gearbox.

Finally, it got a splash of lipstick. Or ‘red vinyl bonnet mouth’. “We’re honoured to have played a part in keeping this piece of British motoring history on the road and being used regularly for many years to come”

Personally I have always liked E Types and since I am shipping cars since 1987 from USA I cannot believe how the prices have increased to in order to buy one of these at todays prices