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International Auto
Importing to the USA

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We ship Cars Internationally, Motorcycles, RV’s, Boats & Jet-skis To & From International

We arrange the complete international move importing from overseas to USA, shipping by Container Vessels or Ro Ro Vessels for “conforming" vehicles or cars which are over 25 years old.

A conforming car would be previously US registered or there is a plate on the car stating from the manufacturer that the car meets with US Specifications.

Nonconforming vehicles are subject to EPA and DOT approval and therefore we do not handle these types of imports as modifications are required and are extra costs to the shipping prices, list of registered importers or check out this site

For Canada imports go to

Importing of Classics
Check the eligibility list at this link to see if your “nonconforming" car is eligible for import after modification by a registered importer

“All cars must be cleaned prior to shipping, Cars from Europe are subject to a USDA Inspectors inspection due to foot and mouth, please clean tires and undercarriage ETC"
Automobile Importing Terminal

Info we require for pricing:- Online Quote
A. Year, Make, Model
B. USD Value
C. Shipping from…
D. Shipping to…
E. Is the car conforming to US Specification ?

TAX FREE IMPORTS ? Previously US Registered Vehicles registered in your name are not subject to import duty's or import bond, paper work required Certificate of Title, Registration and passport, plus below referenced forms

For cars which are subject to import duties and import bond, budget approx 3% of USD value for duty and for the import bond a minimum of $55.00USD or $6.00 per Each $1000.00USD Value

Link to US Customs Import Requirements

We give our price quotes in writing subject to terms and conditions
Forms required to set up an import shipment :-
A. Copy of ownership papers
B. Commercial Invoice or Bill of Sale
C. Online Printable Forms (SLI)
D. Terms and Conditions
E. HS7 DOT Form
F. 3520 EPA Form
G. 3299 USCS Form
H. For cars younger than 21 years old seeking a temporary 12 month import you must apply for a None Resident Exemption Letter from the EPA email to or call 734-214-4100


First Name

Last Name



Shipping From

Shipping To

Estimated Shipping Date

What is the cargo you are shipping?



Message (Optional)

Services Available:
Roll on Roll off (Ro-Ro) & Container Vessel.

We are a licensed and bonded company that ships all vehicles types which include, but are not limited to High End Vehicles/Luxury Cars, Classic and Collectible Cars, Armored Vehicles, Modified Vehicles, Bulletproof Vehicles, Military Vehicles, Custom Cars, Race Cars , and more… We also accommodate all Domestic and Foreign makes and models.

We Ship Many Vehicle Styles Which Include:

  • AWD/4WD
  • Convertible
  • Truck
  • Sedan
  • Coupe
  • Hatchback
  • Hybrid/Electric
  • Luxury
  • SUV/Crossover
  • Van/Minivan
  • Wagons

Before shipping your vehicle overseas one must first make sure to have or obtain the Original “Certificate of Title” or “MSO”, Bill of Sale or Commercial Invoice, a Copy of your Photo ID, and a Passport or Drivers License. For more information click here.

We offer two types of Marine Insures for those who would like to insure with us.
One has the option to select from an “All Risk”policy, or “Total Loss” policy.

We're also trusted and proud members of the NCBFAA, FIATA, TIA, Spider Freight Network, and the Better Business Bureau organizations.

Roll on Roll off (Ro-Ro) and
Container vessel.

Before beginning the international auto shipping process of your vehicle please make sure to have, or obtain all the following documents:

Original “Certificate of Title” or “MSO
Bill of Sale or Commercial Invoice
(Not required when shipping your own personally owned vehicle)
Copy of Photo ID, Passport or Drivers License

If the “original title” is not available or if you have a lien holder, shipping your auto is still possible. If we can show customs an original company letter headed document from the lien holder, stating that they authorize the automobile shipping with a copy of the title, and contact info with a name and phone number for verification. Please contact our office for more information on this process.

When shipping an auto, U.S. Customs inspects the original title. With these shipping forms you have a “Power of Attorney”, which is an authorization from the “Shipper” or “Consignee” for the shipping of the auto; therefore, AbleCargo.Com can be your “export agent” with an acknowledgement of our “terms and conditions”.

International Auto Shipping
Booking procedures:

All bookings for auto shipments are handled through our San Diego office

When booking a car shipment, we require all documents above and payment before we can schedule a shipment. You can download the forms from this page or request them by fax, e-mail or mail.

When sending the original titles, checks and forms please use a courier service such as DHL, Fed Ex or Express Mail. DO NOT USE REGULAR MAIL We can return the title same way back to you or to our overseas agent where you pick up the vehicle and documents.

After we receive your documents, we provide you with an address and booking # for delivery to a Port or warehouse facility. When we are picking up vehicle from your door, pick up arrangements will be confirmed.

A “warehouse receipt” or “condition report” will be issued when we receive the vehicle.

1/4 tank of Gas Maximum.

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