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We Handle all Import & Exports To & From The U.S.A

Whether you’re in need of shipping a single, or multiple vehicles AbleCargo.Com provides you with the experience and knowledge you can trust. With over 35 years of experience we have personally worked and shipped for many Dealers, Collectors, Professional Drivers, Royalty, Enthusiast, Government, and understand what it takes to provide a reliable service . So whether your moving, buying, selling, collecting, taking your vehicle to a car show, or simply are in need of shipping a vehicle overseas AbleCargo.Com is here to help. Allow us to handle all your International Car Shipping needs and ship your vehicle safe and on time


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Services Available:
Roll on Roll off (Ro-Ro) & Container Vessel.


We are a licensed and bonded company that ships all vehicles types which include, but are not limited to High End Vehicles/Luxury Cars, Classic and Collectible Cars, Armored Vehicles, Modified Vehicles, Bulletproof Vehicles, Military Vehicles, Custom Cars, Race Cars , and more… We also accommodate all Domestic and Foreign makes and models.

We Ship Many Vehicle Styles Which Include:

  • AWD/4WD
  • Convertible
  • Truck
  • Sedan
  • Coupe
  • Hatchback
  • Hybrid/Electric
  • Luxury
  • SUV/Crossover
  • Van/Minivan
  • Wagons

Before shipping your vehicle overseas one must first make sure to have or obtain the Original “Certificate of Title” or “MSO”, Bill of Sale or Commercial Invoice, a Copy of your Photo ID, and a Passport or Drivers License. For more information click here.

We offer two types of Marine Insures for those who would like to insure with us.
One has the option to select from an “All Risk”policy, or “Total Loss” policy.

We’re also trusted and proud members of the NCBFAA, FIATA, TIA, Spider Freight Network, and the Better Business Bureau organizations.

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