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Whether you’re shipping for your home, office, warehouse, studio, lot, etc… AbleCargo.Com is here to help ship your items safe and on time. We handle many types of imports and exports from the U.S.A and provide marine insure for those who would like to insure with us. With an extensive network of freight stations AbleCargo.Com is able to assist you with your international container shipping needs, and provide you with a safe and reliable experience. If you are in a need of a special request please contact one of our agents for more information.


 We Make Shipping Containers Easy

We offer 4 types of service A, B, C & D

A. “Live Load”
Delivery to your door, loading while driver waits, 2 hours free driver waiting time; however, there’s an hourly charge thereafter.

B. “Drop and Pick”
Delivery to your door, the container is parked and left for 24 or 48 hours and we will come pick up the container.

C. “Delivery of goods to our facility we load”
We receive your goods at our warehouse (delivery to us by you or by movers), we load the container at our facility. (This type of move recommended if an auto is to be shipped)

D. “Full Service Move”
We park a container at your door, and a local moving company loads the container. (Note packing and wrapping of goods prior to transferring the goods into container is a separate charge and not included in the container shipping or packing of the container price).

If you do not have access to a dock or warehouse please note the container sits on a chassis 4ft high off the ground.

When loading a container on a public road please check with local Police and your City if a permit is required. Advise all neighbors of the dates your container will be parked.

Also check for accessibility, the truck is 14ft high and the container is about 40-50ft container but could be a little more. Therefore, you must not have narrow roads, low trees, and having adequate turning space for the driver is required.

For full container FAQs please click here Container Load FAQ’S


Container Sizes

40ft L x 8ft W x 8ft H
Capacity: 67 Cubic meters
2377 cubic foot
Max Cargo Weight 44,000lbs


20ft L x 8ft W x 8ft H
Capacity: 31 Cubic meters
1159 cubic foot
Max Cargo Weight 22,000lbs



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