We arrange and issue Marine Insurance Certificates on behalf of our clients who wish to insure their cargo. The choices of insurance are between “All Risk” and “Total Loss”.

On the form “Shippers Letter of Instruction” (SLI) you initials are required whether you choose to insure or not.

ALL RISK policy’s carry a $500.00 Deductible and also includes the “Total Loss” policy.

Total Loss policy covers the loss of a complete cargo, but does not cover any damages done to your goods.

Prior to the cargo being inspected we require an Inventory Form be filled out. To begin this process please print this form and fill it in by hand. Once complete send in to our office with any other shipping docs we require.

For more information please contact our office for pricing on Marine Insurance.

General pricing as follows, based as a percentage of the USD value.

Certificates carry a $75.00 minimum charge.


All Risk 1.5%
Total Loss 0.75%

House Hold Goods

All Risk 3.0%
Total Loss 1.25%

General Merchandise

All Risk 1.0%
Total Loss 0.5%

For clients who choose not to insure their cargo please note there is a limit of liability per our Bills of Lading, please refer to our Bill of Lading and Terms and Conditions of Service or contact us for more information.