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We ship Cars, Motorcycles, RV’s, Boats & Jet-skis To & From The U.S.A

Whether you’re in need of shipping a Car, Motorcycle, Boat, RV, or Jet Ski AbleCargo.Com is here to help ship your vehicle safe and on time. With over 35 years of experience, not only do we know what it takes to ship your vehicle safe, but we also know how to make your shipping experience pleasant.

When it comes to shipping your vehicle we offer two loading options from you to choose from. Our fist loading option is by Container Vessel and our second loading option is by Roll-on/Roll-off (Ro-Ro). When deciding on your international auto shipping needs allow our staffed professionals to assist you on any questions you may have.


Services available:
Roll on Roll off (Ro-Ro) and Container vessel.

Before beginning the international auto shipping process of your vehicle please make sure to have, or obtain all the following documents:

  • Original “Certificate of Title” or “MSO
  • Bill of Sale or Commercial Invoice
    (Not required when shipping your own personally owned vehicle)    
  • Copy of Photo ID, Passport or Drivers License

If the “original title” is not available or if you have a lien holder, shipping your auto is still possible. If we can show customs an original company letter headed document from the lien holder, stating that they authorize the automobile shipping with a copy of the title, and contact info with a name and phone number for verification. Please contact our office for more information on this process.

When shipping an auto, U.S. Customs inspects the original title. With these shipping forms you have a “Power of Attorney”, which is an authorization from the “Shipper” or “Consignee” for the shipping of the auto; therefore, AbleCargo.Com can be your “export agent” with an acknowledgement of our “terms and conditions”.

If your name does not appear on the title as the owner you should be entered on the “new owner” section. You and the previous owner must have signed and dated the title.

U.S. Customs requires the original title for inspection a full 3business days before sailing ( in our practice we require 1 week) and all vehicle shipments must have validation from Customs before the vehicle can board the vessel.

International Auto Shipping Booking procedures:

All bookings for auto shipments are handled through our San Diego office

When booking a car shipment, we require all documents above and payment before we can schedule a shipment. You can download the forms from this page or request them by fax, e-mail or mail.

When sending the original titles, checks and forms please use a courier service such as DHL, Fed Ex or Express Mail. DO NOT USE REGULAR MAIL We can return the title same way back to you or to our overseas agent where you pick up the vehicle and documents.

After we receive your documents, we provide you with an address and booking # for delivery to a Port or warehouse facility. When we are picking up vehicle from your door, pick up arrangements will be confirmed.

A “warehouse receipt” or “condition report” will be issued when we receive the vehicle.
1/4 tank of Gas Maximum.

No goods allowed inside auto’s unless prior arrangements have been made and a packing list/inventory with USD value provided. Note: auto insurance does not cover articles inside the vehicle. Roll on Roll off vessel shipments do not allow goods in cars

Note: the battery is disconnected whilst in transit for auto shipments by container.


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