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When shipping  to USA we offer two types of loading methods. Our first options is by Container Vessel and our send option is by Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo).

We also have specific requirements for “conforming” vehicles, or cars which are over 25 years old.

A conforming vehicle would be previously US registered or there is a plate on the vehicle stating from the manufacturer that the vehicle meets with US specifications.

Non-conforming vehicles are subject to EPA and DOT approval and therefore we do not handle these types of imports as modifications are required and are extra costs to the shipping prices, list of registered importers or check out this site

For Canadian imports please visit

Check the eligibility list at this link to see if your “non-conforming” car is eligible for import after modification by a registered importer.


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Information we require for pricing:

  • A. Year, Make, Model
  • B. Shipping from…
  • C. Shipping to…
  • D. USD Value
  • E. Is the car conforming to US Specification?

Forms required for setting up an Import Shipment:

  • A. Copy of ownership papers
  • B. Commercial Invoice or Bill of Sale
  • C. Online Printable Forms (SLI)
  • D. Terms and Conditions

For cars younger than 21 years old seeking temporary 12 month imports you must apply for a “None Resident Exemption Letter” from the EPA email to or call 734.214.4100

“Vehicle Imports – All cars must be cleaned prior to shipping, cars from Europe are subject to a USDA Inspectors inspection due to foot and mouth, please clean tires and undercarriage, etc.”

Tax Free Imports?

Previously US registered vehicles registered in your name are not subject to import duties or import bond, paper work required: Certificate of Title, Registration and Passport, plus below referenced forms.

For cars which are subject to import duties and import bond, budget approx 3% of USD value for duty and for the import bond a minimum of $55.00 USD or $6.00 per each $ 1000.00 USD value.

We give our price quotes in writing subject to Terms and Conditions