Always make sure to plan ahead

shipping-to-europePlanning ahead for an international move will definitely save you time and will make preparing your move much easier. Moving requires multiple important choices to be made and the more time you have to weigh your options the better.

Doing research online is a great way to figure out exactly what you need to do for your move. Countries have their own rules that can be very different from those of the United States.

With that said, more than likely everything will be very different and prepping for change while staying organized will  make your move not only less stressful, but more efficient.

Here are some helpful tips when moving:

  • Have a plan. “Always make sure to have a plan”
  • If you have a child or children, let them bring a favorite toy to help them feel comfortable and bring plenty of things for them to do on the long trip. (books, snacks and a positive attitude)
  • Write down or program important phone numbers into your phone.
  • Make sure you are set monetarily. (Check currency exchange rate and contact banks ahead of time)
  • Stay focused on the move and organized.
  • Create an inventory of your items. (Include a detailed list and proof of ownership and value)
  • Expect and embrace change. (As there is little choice otherwise)
  • Apply for your visa ASAP to avoid delays later.
  • Bring a bag packed for your very first night so you do not have to search for essentials.
  • Contact the embassy well in advance for details on registering and paperwork to enter country.
  • Contact your doctor, dentist and any other healthcare professionals and have enough prescriptions. (It might take a long time to get a new subscription once you move)
  • Take your time, do your research and ask questions to stay well informed. (A person who has already moved to Europe is a great source of valuable information)